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  From the very beginning of its activities, PKL Flote offers tugs for offshore towages. We have experience in towages of different kinds of pontoons, barges, cranes, damaged and scrap vessels. Usually we have orders for towages in the Baltic Sea, but time to time our tugs can be noticed in more distant regions too.

  The longest offshore towages were done by our tug JUPITER, who has brought a tanker to Tallinn from Spain, and by MARS who towed from Baltic an upper part of the "Prirazlomnaya" oil platform to the port of Archangel on the White Sea. "Prirazlomnaya" should be the first Russian oil platform in the North.

  We offer a range of tugs for sea towages at a very competitive price. Please always feel free to contact us in order to get price estimate for any kind of sea towage.