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  Gulf of Riga is often covered with ice during the winter period. Usually it happens in January - March. In especially cold winters we face very thick flat and rafted ice. In such conditions few vessels can manage without an icebreaker.

  PKL Flote has high ice-classed tugboat fleet, designed for best performance in hard ice conditions. Usage of ice-designed Rolls-Royce Azimuth Thrusters on all new tugs in combination with powerful engines allows assisting to ships all year round. Having a wider hull and directing water flows from thrusters to sides, ASD tug can make open canal better and wider than a conventional tug. Often we also need to clean berths from ice. Ability of our ASD tugs to move astern along the quay makes this operation faster and more efficient.

We used to work as icebreakers in open sea, towing disabled vessels and leading caravans of ships.

Current ice situation from Baltic Icebreaking Management