Safety Issues

I. Safe Operations
II. Crew Safety and Health
III. Environment and Nature Protection

I. Safe Operations

  • Modern fleet
    Currently PKL Flote has 6 modern and powerful ASD tugs. PKL Flote has one of the youngest fleet in the region.

  • ASD tugs
    PKL Flote have a fleet of ASD tugs for any kind of tugboat assistance. ASD stands for Azimuth Stern Drive and reflects thrusters position. PKL Flote uses only Rolls-Royce thrusters, as one of the best producer of the ice-classed thrusters in the world.

  • Double systems
    PKL Flote built all new tugs with two independent engines and steering systems.

  • Tugs equipped with winches
    All our ASD tugs are equipped with bow winches, which are used for harbour towages. PKL Flote uses winches with a constant tension function: keeping the towline under the constant tension (reeling on and off) prevents from rope breaks. It also decreases tug's reaction time to several seconds, because the line is always tight.

  • Special tow lines
    All our ASD tugs are equipped with special tow lines. We use Samson, Marlow and Lankhorst dinema ropes with a breaking load up to 200 tons. That kind of rope is stronger than a steel rope of the same diameter, but still is light and floating. Dinema rope is much less likely will be broken during mooring operation, and can prevent accidents. Another reason of using such ropes is reduced risk of people injury working with our ropes on both our tugs and on assisted ships.

  • Wide hull design
    All the ASD tugs of PKL Flote have a wide hull (comparing to tug length) which significantly improves stability of the tug. Tug with a wide hull also makes a wider open canal in ice during icebreaking.

  • Spark arrestors
    We use spark arrestors on our tugs (main engines, auxiliary, and heating). The silencers and spark arrestors are designed and approved for areas where emission of exhaust gases are permitted on ships and onshore units classed by the classification society. Fire causing sparks are removed thought centrifugal force created within the spark arrestors/silencers. The hot carbon particles are trapped safely within the arrestors for removal later.

  • Recognizable classification societies
    PKL Flote has all the tugs under technical and safety supervision of RMRS or Lloyd's. We believe it is important to have a third party professionals to prove outstanding condition of our equipment.

  • Escort capabilities
    PKL Flote has certified escort tugs, participating in future environmental challenges already today. These tugs were specially designed and equipped for escorting services. Escort class of these tugs is certified by the classification society.

  • Firefighting capabilities
    Many of our tugs have firefighting equipment with output of thousands m3/h. Almost every tug with FIFI has also foam tanks for more efficient firefighting. It is especially important working an oil and chemical terminals.

  • Power of tugs
    PKL Flote provides powerful tugs for safer harbour towage. We have ASD tugs with up to 65 tons bollard pull. We have experience in harbour towage of any size tankers, including VLCC tankers (up to 300'000 DWT).

  • Equipment reliability
    We have obligatory engine supervision and maintenance program by outsourced professionals licensed by engine producers at all our ASD tugs. This program includes oil and liquids testing and laboratory analyzing, as well as computer diagnostics. Engine obligatory maintenance goes on a regular basis defined by engine producer. All the records of all the actions are kept in special engineers' books. All the analyses and tests results are kept as long as the tugboat is in operation. Other important mechanisms and equipment also has similar maintenance programs.

  • ISO 9001: 2015
    Since 2005 PKL Flote has been certified for ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard.

  • Crewing program
    1) Selecting
    We have developed a special crewing program for tugboat masters. Each master should have a captain diploma and long working experience.

    2) Training
    All the masters applying for job at our tugs should pass a special training program. A candidate gets intensive training at different tugboats and should get approval from different working captains. The training can be extended to half a year.

    3) Examination
    Before starting to work as a tug master, a trainee should pass an examination, which includes difficult maneuvers with tug and applying techniques of mooring operations in difficult weather condition. The exam is taken by a company's Safety Manger.

  • Insurance
    PKL Flote has unlimited P&I liability cover for each tugboat as a Member of the International Group P&I Club Shipowners' Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association (Luxembourg). PKL Flote tugs also have Alandia's hull & machinery insurance.

II. Crew Safety and Health

  • Health & Life insurance
    PKL Flote has an internal policy of providing free health and death insurance to all employees working on tugs.

  • Medical inspections
    PKL Flote pays a lot of attention to crew safety and regularly sends crew members for official medical inspections at company's expense.

    It is not allowed to be employed on our tugs without passing trainings and getting the certificate of International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) adopted by IMO. Our company sends people and pays for SOLAS courses and certificates.

  • Safety Manager
    PKL Flote has a special Safety Manager in staff, who develops and controls safety issues onboard. He also gives regular safety instructions to crews.

  • Safety trainings
    Each crew member has personal safety file with the history of all the courses and trainings he got. We have a system of regular safety trainings for each crew member: first training is in the office when people join our team, then regular trainings on board.

  • Safety regulations
    PKL Flote have safety at work regulations. These regulations are designed to avoid / minimize accidents and their impact on our staff and the environment.

  • Working clothes
    We provide a high safety standards working clothes to all the crew members working onboard and to all the people from administration and technical department who needs visiting tugs. Each person has summer and winter sets of working clothes, including clothes, anti-electric and anti-crush boots, caps, and helmets.

  • Fire alarms and firefighting systems
    Many of new tugs are equipped with additional fire monitoring system, which not only alarms locally, but also give a signal to our dispatcher, for a better coordination of firefighting operation and quicker response. Majority of ASD tugs are also equipped with CASCAD firefighting system which is safer for people than a usually required CO2 system.

  • Regular checking of safety equipment
    Due to fact that all of PKL Flote tugs have supervision of classification society, we have regular checking of our safety equipment required by respective classification societies.

III. Environment and Nature Protection

  • Low emission
    PKL Flote has NOx emissions certificates for engines.

  • Low sulfur
    PKL Flote uses low sulfur fuel only at all tugboats.