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  The number of ships in the Baltic Sea is growing very rapidly, mostly because of increased export of raw materials from Russia. Nowadays traffic in the Baltic Sea is so intensive that even modern technologies and safety rules cannot fully protect vessels. PKL Flote is ready for that kind of situation and can provide immediate assistance with its fleet.
Revolving barge Multiprima
Salvage of Multiprima

  PKL has a portfolio of successful salvage operation starting from small barge and finishing with a big container vessel.

Tanker Alambra in Muuga
Pollution preventing operation
  PKL Flote tugs are equipped with firefighting systems, water pumps, workboats, and other salvage equipment. Some tugs have cranes and able to take 20' container with additional equipment onboard. We have experienced crews and Salvage Master for the best performance and result. All tugs are ready for fast response.